The First Thanksgiving

We went up to NORTH DAKOTA (IS NOT IN CANADA! IT’S IN THE U.S.A!) TO  be with family for thanksgiving  it was very fun it already snowed lots up there my little sister Jillian,( who is 10 months old) it was her very first Thanksgiving,she was so little when we moved up to Missouri So when we went up to NORTH DAKOTA and had a terrific time with our cousin’s house it was fun I loved it

We went to Texas!

We went to Texas to attend a Family Camp.  It was fun! The food was great ! There was a rappel tower, archery, and a  stick horse rodeo! A whole bunch of games were available. Board games, card games, and action games like carpet ball, nine square air, ping pong,four square,pugel pillows. We liked snack shop and there was a lake front day   we went  horse back riding  but we didn’t   go horse front riding or horse head riding.But it was RAINING All WEEK LONG!The only day it didn’t rain was Thursday and that was the day we went repelling and horse BACK riding and on  friday Kylie and Isaac ran a 5K. Texas was Very fun.

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A Day at The Aquarium!

We had some friends over and we went to the Aquarium at bass pro shop. There, saw fish, sharks, whales, sting ray, and other sea life. Then, we saw the wild life section we saw lions,hawks, alligators, snakes, spiders,ducks,birds, bears, penguins, elk, big horn sheep, elephants, rhinoceros,hippopotamus, tigers, black panthers,beavers, otters, pelican, owls, and tons more! it was fun!